Register to Receive Matches for One to One Drinks and Dinner in Venues

Register with us so that you can receive matches for one to one in person dates over dinner or drinks in venues if you match with someone from our database of singles.

We are passionate about helping people to easily meet new people. 

One to one dates are an opportunity to meet in a venue over drinks or dinner and get to know each other.

Let Unified Dating help you meet and connect with new people easily.

If you match with someone we will contact you. We do not share any personal information aside from letting you know you have matched with someone in your desired area. If you want to meet with them we will then arrange for you to meet in a venue near you. 

To arrange we charge £8.99 per person which is charged when you book on via the link that we send to you.

Any drinks or food items you order at the venue you will need to pay the venue directly for these when at the venue.

Register by clicking here. We will then contact you if you match with someone to help arrange a drinks or dinner date.

If you have any qs please feel free to contact us here.