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What Is Unified Dating?

Unified Dating is a service for people that are single. We organize a range of events each month in different locations enabling people that are single to easily make that connection in person at events.

What are the advantages of booking onto Unified Dating events?

By booking onto our events you will have the opportunity to easily meet a wide range of single people locally in your area. We organise many offline events each month.

Does it cost anything?

The cost depends on the event. This is paid for at the time you book onto an event. It will be clearly stated what the event price is and if anything is included.

How does it work?

You can easily view all our current events via our website. When you book onto any event you will be provided with the event details. 

Who runs the events?

Unified Dating organises offline events in a variety of locations. We are passionate about bringing people together through a range of relaxed and friendly in person events.

Covid-19 Statement

Hosts, venues and guests should ensure they comply with all legal requirements, measures and guidance in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic.