Our Vision

We aim to offer a service where single people can truly enjoy having fun. We aim to offer the ability for people to socialise and meet other single people!. We can help you meet people in person, in your local area.

With people looking for more meaningful connections so our aim at Unified Dating is to help provide opportunities for Singles to find those special connections. 

Dating apps can often lead to you being misled on people’s personalities. The online world also makes it easier for people to lie or give false impressions of themselves. Although this can occur when meeting people face-to-face too, these things can be harder to detect when evaluating a partner online. Despite the number of possible matches you may get from these apps, the success of finding someone is quite low.

Online apps can be great but you may not actually always be able to get to know the person or even communicate. Singles via Unified Dating can potentially interact and match and enjoy a variety of offline events!