8 Ways to Bridge the Age Gap in Your Relationship

Are you entering a new relationship? With a large age gap difference? As people say, ‘it’s just a number’, but being in an age gap relationship does come with a few difficulties compared to other couples. However, if it’s true love, nothing will get in your way. Some studies relationship satisfaction reported by age-gap couples is higher! 

Does Age difference in relationships matter?

Romantic couples with a large age gap often raise eyebrows. Studies have found partners with more than a ten-year gap in age experience social disapproval. But when it comes to our own relationships, both men and women prefer someone their own age but are open to an age gap of 10-15 years.

There is a variation across cultures in the size of the difference in age-gap couples. all cultures demonstrate the age-gap couple phenomenon. In some non-Western countries, the average age gap is much larger than in Western countries. 

Things to consider in an age difference relationship.

When you’re in an age gap relationship, your insecurities, and even flaws, can bring a whole host of issues to the table. Things that you wouldn’t usually think twice about, may start taking over your thoughts. Did you act too immature? Or are you going too fast?

The most important opinions on your relationship are your own. Both of you must be careful not to let outsiders influence how you may feel about or treat each other. However, for your relationship to work, it does mean that you both need to find a happy medium with your friends and family. 

A factor that does impact the outcomes of age-gap couples is their perceptions of social disapproval. If one partner believes their family, friends and wider community disapprove of their union, then relationship commitment decreases and the risk of break-up increases. Unfortunately. 

Your social lives may not merge as easily as you think but give it time and don’t expect that either one of you should give up your friends and family for the relationship to work. This will eventually make one or both of you feel resentful.

It’s hard. We like to believe that we don’t care what others think but it’s usually not true. 

You need to be united though for the relationship to thrive!

If you’re older, don’t assume you know best or patronise your partner, and if you’re younger, don’t forget that you have a voice, they don’t know best, but don’t turn to childish characteristics. It is key that the relationship strikes a balance and that you don’t slip into a parent/child relationship. 

The power dynamic.

With age-gap relationships, a common mistake is to assume the age difference is the only power dynamic at play or that it’s the most important one and associated with either a desire to control or a need for security. 

Even if relationships are ostensibly equal, there’s always a power dynamic to consider. They may be almost imperceptible, but imbalances exist, whether it’s the ability to stay rational amid chaos or big ones such as class, wealth, life experiences, education, or emotional maturity. 

Relationships work best when they are mutually beneficial… 

Don’t force your relationship on them.

Let them see how well your relationship is working and involve them in your life. Only those who don’t truly care for your happiness will struggle to support you and your relationship. Be careful of being paranoid and making assumptions about your friends and family’s opinions that aren’t real!

Age Preferences Are Embedded Into Our Mating Psychology.

Evolutionary psychology is based on the premise that the human mind has evolved adaptive strategies to support reproduction and survival (Buss, 2016). 

Ancestrally, women benefited by seeking men who have the status and resources to support their child-rearing and the willingness to do so. These traits are tied to older men. 

Men, meanwhile, have evolved a preference for younger women because their youth is a signal for fertility, and over eons and eons, men have better reproductive success when they partner with women who can bear children. Therefore, larger age gap relationships tend to be this way round.

But, age is just a number, right? If you’re happy, go for it!


18 Signs You're Ready to Move In Together | Glamour

Should you move to a new town, county or even a new country, for the sake of a relationship? Keep reading to find out whether you should relocate for a relationship!

While long distance relationships are possible, most people would prefer to live close to one another. Or together!

However, relocating somewhere new is a big decision and you need to consider what you’re moving for and what you’ll be giving up. Below are Unified Dating’s suggestions to help you further decide whether relocating is a good idea! 

How far will you be moving?

There’s a massive difference between moving to a new town a few miles away and moving half-way across the world!

 Moving further away means moving further away from home – which could make keeping contact with friends and relatives harder. There will also be greater cultural changes the further you move away. 

Generally, you shouldn’t move too far away unless you really know a person, which leads to the next point…

How well do you know each other?

You should never relocate far away to be someone you barely know. If you’ve only talked online, go take the step to meet in person first. Ideally for over a month so that you can really get to know them. Wait to get to know your partner better before deciding whether you should relocate for a relationship!

If you’re already in a long and steady relationship and you’re currently living together, relocating together is not so much of a leap. And won’t feel as scary either.

If you know your partner inside-out and feel that this is causing things to get stale, moving away together could in fact be just what is needed to spice things up! It could even be a way of learning more about each other so that you can keep building on your relationship. 

Are there any deal breakers in the relationship?

If you’re making any huge life decision together, you should be at the point in your relationship that there are no deal breakers.

This means that no amount of dirty towels on the floor, messy dishes in the sink, or future fights would be enough to break you up. You’ve seen each other at your worst, yet you still feel fully committed to each other! 

This is why we would recommend living with your partner for a while before relocating with them.

Is it a temporary or permanent move?

You should consider whether it’s likely to be a temporary move or a permanent move. 

If your partner wants to move away for a few months for a work project or to look after a sick relative, you may have the option to stay at home and maintain a long-distance relationship. Alternatively, it could be exciting to move away for a few months without the worry of a permanent move (of course only if you work from home or your boss is okay with it!). 

Are you both in a good financial situation?

This is one of the most important aspects of the topic. Unfortunately money is always a main issue so whether you should relocate for a relationship or not, really does depend if you can afford it.

Strategize your own financial situation, and since moving is expensive, figure out if you can comfortably afford it on your own. You should then have a discussion with your partner about their finances. What if you don’t find a job for six months or even a year, can they cover the whole rent? And what about groceries and so on… 

Would you enjoy living in the city you’re moving to?

Can you see your new town or city as your home?

You should think of all the factors that go into the new place you’ll be living. It’s likely you will be far away from your family and friends. 

Yes, a relationship requires sacrifice at times, but if you are never going to feel completely happy and at home in your new place, then you and your partner should make a compromise to find a city you both can live in.

If things don’t work out, what’s your backup plan?

And finally… the question that you don’t want to think about. What happens if you break up? 

Even if there are no more deal breakers and your relationship is serious, the logical thinker knows there is always the chance it might not work out.

You should always have a backup plan, or at least think about what you would do if you and your partner broke up.

Would you keep the job you get and continue pursuing your career in the city you moved to, or would you quit and move back home? Make sure you have a plan you feel comfortable with before you make the move.

And it’s perfectly okay to change your mind/ back up plan at a later date!

Whether you should relocate for a relationship or not, if completely up to you and whether you feel comfortable doing so. Just make sure to think through our suggestions before taking a massive leap!

How to Start a Conversation with Confidence.

How To Have An Amazing First Date Without Blowing It (A Man's Guide)

Do you suffer from the kind of social anxiety that keeps you from reaching out to new people? Are you always unsure of yourself when initiating contact with a stranger? Would you like to be able to walk up to anyone, anywhere, regardless of the setting, and start a conversation with confidence? Keep on reading our blog post ‘How to start a conversation with confidence’!

Speak more slowly.

Another tip is to pay attention to how fast you talk compared to other. Speaking faster than everyone else can signal nervousness or fear of taking up space in a conversation.

Speaking a little slower gives you more time to formulate your thoughts and signals confidence. And it also gives the other person time to take in what you have said.

Accept your nervousness rather than trying to fight it.

Remind yourself that nervousness is something all humans deal with.

Confident people also feel nervous. It’s just that they still talk to people they want to talk to despite their anxiety. You need to accept that the feeling is there and act anyway. Feeling nervous isn’t dangerous. 

Your Attitude. 

When you want to approach a new conversation with confidence, the key factor that’s going to set you up for success is your attitude. 

Often, when you experience social anxiety (even just a little bit) you approach new or intimidating conversations with a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ mentality. You may put on a brave face even though you are simply terrified of rejection. What you are doing is physically stepping forward, but mentally stepping back. And running for cover!

When you have this mindset, it can really affect your speech, body language, eye contact. Everything. People can pick up on your mixed signals, and they don’t make a good impression. In fact, they can even make people uncomfortable. 

Energetic negativity is obvious to those around you.

Focus on the topic 

Focus on the topic you are talking about to be more authentic and charismatic. Bring your focus back to the conversation when you end up in your head.

You’ll be and seem more present. Your facial expressions become more instant and authentic. You have more ways to continue the conversation!

Be interested in the other person

This is super important. Ask sincere questions and genuinely try to get the person you talk to. This signals that you’re a friendly person. Have you noticed how people seem to come off as more confident when they care about others?!

Join Unified Dating’s exciting events, where you will feel at ease during our fun activities. No need for any awkward icebreakers!

Have you got any more tips on How to Start a Conversation with Confidence? Comment below!


Kalpvriksh Guru on Twitter: "Let us leave our unending desires for  materialistic gains and selfish prayers and focus towards progress in life  by helping others with love and care. #MondayMotivaton…"

Habit. We all know the word, but what does it really mean and why are habits important? Habits are one of the fundamental components of living your best life. Good habits can foster a positive mindset and can be the key to understanding how to change something in your life, both physically and mentally. Harnessing new habits fro positive change is completely possible! Continue reading this article for top tips for harnessing new habits. 

Every day, habit drives us to do what we do. Whether it’s a pattern of thoughts or behaviour. But how can you harness the power of your habits for the better? 

When you have a foundation of good habits, you’re setting yourself up for a full, healthy, and successful life.

Here are Unified Dating’s steps to changing your habits that really can change your life.

Identify your Key Habit and focus on it.

The key habit is different for everyone, and it may take a few sessions of deep thinking to pinpoint exactly what that habit is. Whichever habit you’re working on, pick one at a time. More than one at a time will be overwhelming and will increase your likelihood of failing to improve any habits. Identify your current routine and the reward you get from it.

Take time to identify you’re your routine – the good parts, and bad. It’s important to understand what you are currently doing wrong. But it’s equally important to reward yourself for the good habits you have adopted in your daily routine.

Consider the challenges.

Challenges are often cues that push you to fall back into old habits. These challenges will not magically disappear, so you need to take them into account. Before you start your new habit so that you are 100% prepared beforehand

Don’t let the presence of challenges or worry that new challenges will come up in the future. This may stop you from establishing your new habits.

Plan your new routine and pinpoint the reward.

Old habits never disappear; they are simply replaced with new habits. In the example of getting to the office earlier, the new routine involves leaving the house a half hour earlier. 

Set up a 30-day challenge.

Many studies show that habits, when performed daily, can become part of your routine in as  little as 21 days. So set a start date and launch your plan of action for a trial 30-day period. You can plan your reward for each 30 days until it becomes second nature.

Power through any setbacks.

Sometimes life can just get in the way of new goals. If something sways you from your challenge, the best course of action is to evaluate the situation and see how you can get around, over, or through that obstacle. 

Hold yourself publicly accountable.

Your support network is the most valuable tool you will ever have access to.

Make sure the people around you are aware of your challenge. As well as a great support system, it will make you more likely to achieve your habit. 

Why not ask a friend to act as your personal mentor?! They can check you are executing the habit, especially during the critical first 30 days!

Harnessing new habits for positive change will help you become a better person and can even help your relationships!

Summer Date Ideas in London

London's top rooftop spaces for summer events

It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting someone for the first time or have been married for years, we should all go on more dates, right?! Dating allows you to spend precious time with your other half and get to know someone And while a cosy night on the sofa is perfectly fine some evenings, sometimes we have to get out and try new things. Keep reading for Unified Dating’s top summer date ideas in London!

We all want to show our dates our best side: spontaneous, fun to be with and creative! So why not be the one to come up with a great date idea?

In crazy and hectic city like London, picking the right activity for your date can be daunting. Which is why we have complied out favourite things to do on a date in London. Some are unusual and quirky, and others just romantic classics. Impress your date with your dance moves at the roller disco or escape to fantastic worlds with a VR experience, it’s time to sort the next date night. 

Coronavirus and the lockdown might have kept us inside for longer than some have hoped, but the urge to do things has only gotten stronger. And now with the restrictions all lifted (hopefully permanently!), plus the amazing weather, we all need to make the most out of it and get back in the swing of date nights!

Kayak to CRATE Brewery.

Paddle through London’s oldest canal from Limehouse to Crate Brewery’s bar on the water’s edge in Hackney Wick. A true urban adventure.

Although remember to bring some waterproof clothes for this adventure in case you get splashed along the way!

Go on a Picnic.

Stock a Picnic Basket at one of London’s food markets and then go on a picnic! This is a great opportunity to learn about each other’s food preferences and tastes. And it also offers many of conversation starters when you are strolling around your chosen food market!

Chat over a world-class coffee.

If there’s one thing London knows how to do, it’s a delicious cup of coffee. And having a chilled chat over a latte is a great relaxed option for a first date. Pus, it doesn’t have to be too long. Some of our favourites include Monmouth Coffee Company  and Ozone Coffee.

Soak In Atmospheric, Candlelit Baths.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to bathe the outside of your body in red wine, then we’ve got good news for you.

Because AIRE Ancient Baths has come to London.

Next-Level Gaming Bar.

Platform in Shoreditch is London’s first dedicated video game and e-sports bar and restaurant. It is the perfect spot for a quirky date! Even if you are not a gamer! Promising fun activities, great pizza and a bar loaded with drinks, it’s a sure winner.

Try your hands at a Pottery Class

Now for something completely different. There’s something of a pottery craze sweeping the capital this summer. Perhaps as a push to be more sustainable means we want more handmade, unique, less mass-produced items in our homes. 

But be ready to get a little messy!

Retro Arcading.

Mix up your date night with Queens. Not only can you have a romantic meal of MEATliquor food and coctials, but you can also challenge your date to a game of bowling or an arcade game!

Head to a rooftop venue for the great views.

Nothing says ‘romantic date’ like a rooftop bar or restaurant with sprawling views over the city. Take your pick from the hundreds, probably thousands of rooftop bars in London.

Have some laughs at comedy night.

Laughter is key for a good first date, so why not book in to one of the capital’s excellent comedy nights? 

For example, Comedy Fridays at Boulevard Theatre alternate between female-led improv ‘The Yes Queens’ and ‘unruly mixed bill comedy’ in the Late Night Scene.

Have an unusual film experience at Backyard Cinema.

Backyard Cinema specialises in experiential film screenings in quirky settings. We’re talking about sitting down to watch Romeo and Juliet (1996) in Highbury’s Union Chapel, decorated with neon crucifixes, enjoying its soundtrack backed by a live choir. Perfect, right?!

There are plenty of Summer Date Ideas in London to choose from! Comment below if you have any other recommendations!

Top Tips To Keep The Spark Alive In A Long-Term Relationship

Simple Date Night Ideas for Richmond Couples - Richmond Mom

There is so much focus out there on the magic of new relationships but what is most important is keeping the magic going after being with someone for a while. Here are Unified Dating’s top tips to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship. 

Remember the butterflies you used to get when you saw their name flash up on your phone or the nerves when you are meeting for a date? Well, it is still possible to continue getting those feelings. Even when you now know all of their annoying habits.

Break the routine

If you find yourselves looking back at your sex life and wondering where it all went wrong, it’s important to get that sorted asap. Just because you have been together for a while, it doesn’t mean your sex life needs to disappear.  Sit down together and ask if there is anything you would like to try in the bedroom, how you are both feeling about your sex life and how you think you can improve it. 

But it’s not just about sex, it’s your everyday routine. This is particularly normal for all of you that work a 9-5. You get home, cook dinner, watch TV, go to sleep, and repeat. 

It’s easy to get into a routine when you have been someone long-term. It’s stress free. But after a while, you will get bored and long for something more. It is important to talk and get these things out in the open. 

Continue the date nights

It’s easy for life can get in the way. And for date nights to be pushed down the priority list. 

Dating is one of the things people most of us miss about first being in a relationship, where you get dressed up and make an effort for one another, heading out for dinner or doing something special. 

Not only do you feel better about yourself, but the effort your partner has put in is also something you will appreciate as well. You will get a chance to spend quality time together and have fun. 

Schedule a day a week or every month dedicated to a date night and make sure you always stick to it. It doesn’t have to be anything special or extravagant. It could be as simple as getting a takeout and watching your favourite film on TV. 

You could even take it in turns to plan something as a surprise! Or decide together if you’re not a fan of surprises! Whichever you choose, you will find it soon becoming the highlight of your schedule. 

Also, you should make a rule to not talk about any negative issues such as money or household chores. Instead focus on positive topics that will take you away from life worries and allow you to have a great time!

Show Your Love and Affection

Love doesn’t exist unless it is treated as a vital and living force between two people. Saying ‘I love you’ holds far less meaning than showing your love to your partner. Show excitement when you see each other. Make time to just talk and chill out. And be sure to make spontaneous affection part of your everyday life. 

Small steps, like holding hands and making eye contact, are easy to overlook in the face of busy schedules and responsibilities, but they can be key to keeping love exciting. And kissing is also super important. It is a simple way of showing your loved one your affection.

Keep your Communication Open

Inviting open communication and being receptive to feedback can help you overcome the real obstacles in relationships. 

Instead of making excuses or counterattacking when your partner gives you feedback, try putting yourself in their shoes and understand where they are coming from. Be compassionate to how they feel. You should seek to be direct and honest with your own feelings!

Yes, those first weeks and months, the excitement and attraction are in full force. But after some time, you settle into a routine, and life’s obligations have a tendency of snuffing out the romance. 

What are your top tips to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship? Comment below!

Surprising Online Dating Statistics

How to Use Online Dating Apps Safely

When the first dating site launched, back in the 1990’s, single people didn’t really know what a dating site was or if it could actually work. So signing up was truly pioneering the unknown! Thankfully, we’ve now learned a lot since then and now there is much more information and research into the trends and success rates of online dating. We guarantee that there are there are many surprising online dating statistics and that will shock you!

The numbers show that online dating can work! And it’s rapidly becoming the new normal for singles, both young and old. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve collected stats from the top researchers, polling institutes, and dating services to give you all an idea of what online dating is all about.

The following online dating stats are must-know information for anyone considering creating an online dating profile and seeking romance online. 

Millennials Swipe for 10 Hours a Week on Average

It’s no secret that consumers tend to log a lot of screen time throughout the day, and younger people tend to spend more time on their phones than average screen time. As millennials enter their 30s, they have increasingly turned to online dating for entertainment as much as self-improvement.

A Badoo study of online dating users under 30 found a high level of engagement and return visits. People in this age group spent about 10 hours per week swiping on the dating app. The average dating app session lasted 9.7 minutes for single men and 7.6 minutes for single women.

LGBTQ+ Singles are More Likely to Meet a Partner Online

The Pew Research Centre followed up with daters to see how successful their online dating experience is, and the results are fairly encouraging, especially for a single person in the LGBTQ+ community.

The most recent survey reported that among those surveyed 11% of straight singles and 21% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual singles have met a long-term partner on a dating website or app.

Average Hours Spent

Did you know that the average tinder user spends about 90 minutes on the app per day? On average women spend 8.5 minutes per session, while men spend 7.2!

The Lies that come with Online Dating

Did you know that 81% of people lie about their ehight, weight or age in their online dating profiles?!

This phenomenon was observed in a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The researchers weighed and measured subjects in addition to checking their driver’s licenses for their actual ages, then looked at their subjects’ online dating profiles. Height is also often exaggerated by at least two inches!

Women tended to claim that they were 8.5 pounds lighter than they actually were. Men lied by less, only two pounds, but rounded up their height by a half inch more often. People lied the least when it came to age.

People who have the word ‘Love’ in their profiles are more likely to find Love!

In 2014, dating site, PlentyofFish, conducted a study in which scientists examined word choice in all 1.2 million dating profiles on the site. Researchers also discovered that men benefited from using the words “heart,” “children,” “romantic,” and “relationship” on their profiles.

Today, people are time-poor, and we rely on our digital devices to help us manage our schedules, our busy lives, and how we interact with others. Digital devices act as a window to the rest of the world, including our relationships. Despite these surprising online dating statistics, if you take precautions and keep your expectations within limits, there is no reason why you can’t find the love of your life the next time you swipe right!

How To Know if You are Ready for a Relationship

London dating tips

Has your first date gone well? And second and third. So, you like the person you’re with and you’ve maybe even met his or her friends and family so you can tell it’s getting serious… but the question’s still on your mind. Are you ready for a relationship? Read on to learn pHow to know if you are ready for a relationship

Serious relationships are a major commitment, and it’s worth putting some thought before you make the plunge. Read on for Unified Dating’s tips how to know if you’re ready for a relationship!

You Understand the Importance of Communication.

Good communication really is the foundation of any successful relationship. Especially if you’ve had issues with communication in the past, it’s important to learn how to communicate effectively. You can always learn from previous relationships!

Once you’ve figured out things like your communication style, how to express yourself clearly, and how to listen, and even how to argue, you’ll be a in a much better place to start a serious relationship. 

You’re Ready to Compromise.

Being in a relationship, involves some amount of compromise. While it’s important to stick to your values, being with someone also involves being ready to meet them halfway. Or at least understand their point of view.

Compromising means valuing the other person’s opinion – perhaps you let them decide what’s for dinner or their least favourite chore so they don’t have to. Either way, being willing to compromise is an important sign to know you are ready for a relationship or not.

You’re Happy to Spend Time Alone

A reason to be in a relationship shouldn’t be to escape from loneliness. Yes, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. But if you are just looking to be a relationship because you feel alone, then you have most likely not got the right mindset.

You should enjoy your own company occasionally, be happy when single and don’t need others to feel fulfilled. When you know how to be alone and you’re okay with it, it’s much easier to answer the question ‘Am I ready for a relationship?’.

You don’t seek constant distraction. You’re not afraid to be alone — and in silence, even. You like spending time alone and don’t need the television to be on or the phone to be glued to your head! You can be with just yourself.

You’re over your last relationship.

The worst thing to do is to go into another relationship when you still have feelings for another person. May those feelings be negative like rage or positive such as love and devotion. 

Make sure to look for signs of anger and resentment towards your ex and that you have forgiven not only your ex, but yourself. To be angry at yourself is a clear sign that you’re not ready to move forward.

If you cannot accept where you are and who you are right now, then it’s time to make a change!

I think deep down you will know if you are ready to dive into a new relationship, and if you are not you should think of how to overcome these steps to happiness. Get ready to open your heart.

How to greet someone on a first date

Photos - Couple greeting each oth... 121699 - YouWorkForThem

When it comes to online dating, everything is a little bit different than during a classic face to face date. Greetings can often lead to feelings of anxiety. With anyone, but it can be particularly unnerving with a date. In this blog, we look into the different ways to greet your date and when you should do each one. Read on to learn how to greet someone of a first date!

First impressions are critical. And first impressions are even more critical when it comes to the first date. And that’s one reason why first dates can be daunting. When you greet someone on your first date, you form an impression that is likely to affect your first date. But more importantly, it is going to affect the relationship that follows.

Depending on how long you’ve been talking to each other, the level of intimacy can be different. Maybe you’ve told each other personal things. Or even exchanged a few intimate messages. That may mean your relationship is already quite close, despite not meeting them in person before.

But as it’s a first date, you probably haven’t known them for long. Is a handshake appropriate in this case? Somehow it feels wrong. However, falling straight into each other’s arms and even kissing? That’s a bit too much!

So how should you best greet your date partner?

The Handshake

There are greetings, which are very common in many countries. For example, a handshake. In fact, it may be appropriate at the first meeting. As long as you do it right. A strong handshake is great. If you are thinking of doing a high-five or even a fist bump, don’t. That would be inappropriate!

A classic handshake is fine. However, if you expect more of the date and have already developed a few feelings when messaging, then a handshake may be a bit too formal.

The Hug

A good alternative is a hug. But it should be a friendly hug first. A short, heartfelt squeeze. And it shows your date partner that you are pleased about the encounter.

Whether a handshake or a hug is appropriate, the answer may be found in the posture of your date. If the person keeps a distance, then a handshake and a friendly “Hello” are your best choice. 

The Kiss on the Cheek

Giving a quick kiss on the cheek is actually very common when meeting someone for the first time. However, if you’re like me, then you may get a little anxious when not knowing how many kisses you should do. Is it both cheeks or just the one? This can depend on what country you are in and what nationality your date is. In the UK, people usually do just the one. If you accidently go for the other cheek, you can make a joke out of it and laugh it off. This can be a great icebreaker!

Despite all these tips, authenticity is the most important thing. Welcome your date the way you feel like. However, always consider your current relationship and the body language and vibe the other person is giving off. It’s vital to get it right. Small details like this really do predetermine the tone of the date.

Our advice would be to use greeting as an opportunity to immediately break the touch barrier and confidently embrace the person. Of course, only if you feel comfortable doing so! This can demonstrate great confidence and can allows you to be flirtier with each other right from the off. Your date may even feel more comfortable around you. 

But the most important tip… Don’t forget to smile! 

Signs that your relationship isn’t working

You may be at a crossroads in your relationship. Perhaps you’ve been together for several years and you’ve began to wonder if you are still in love with them. Maybe you’ve began doubting that they are still ‘the one’. Some doubts are normal, especially after a long-term relationship. But here are some signs that your relationship isn’t working anymore.

You can’t decide whether you still have feelings. 

It’s normal for feelings to be questioned occasionally. But if you’re always wondering whether you still love them or not, then that’s a big red flag that something isn’t quite right. Maybe you’re in a temporary rough patch, or maybe this has been ongoing for months – either way, constant questioning isn’t great. And you need to ask yourself why these thoughts keep popping into your head. 

The little things REALLY bug you.

At the start of a relationship, you are usually so consumed by love and emotions that you don’t notice the little annoying things that you partner may do. As time passes in the relationship, it is normal to begin noticing certain habits and attributes that bug you.

However, if you can’t seem to get past these, then that is a sign that your relationship isn’t working and that you are not happy in the relationship.

When talking to them is too much effort.

You don’t feel excited to talk to them about random things you see throughout your day, this relationship is on the fast path to becoming burdensome.

This includes messaging/ texting. If you were big texters at the start of the relationship, but now only message when only completely necessary, then that is something you need to think about changing, if you’re looking for ways to improve you relationship. 

You’d rather spend time by yourself or with friends.

If you’d rather be doing literally anything else than hanging out with your partner, then something is seriously wrong. You should want to spend time with them. And should feel excited too. If this isn’t the case, then this relationship is probably not for you. You shouldn’t be feeling anxious at the thought of having to make conversation. It’s not a first date! Or even third!

You feel noticeably less interested in sex.

People like to say sex isn’t the be-all and end-all in a relationship, but can be a really important and can serve as a good indicator for other problems you might be having. You should be sexually attracted to your partner, and when sex starts feeling like a burden, then something isn’t right.

Of course, after being together a long time, the amount of sex couples have often significantly decreases. But if you NEVER want to be intimate with your partner or find yourself making excuses every single time they initiate it, then you need to think why that is. 

Does their touch make your skin crawl? While this is only one way to determine if that romantic connection is still there in the relationship, your reaction to your partner’s touch says a lot about how you’re feeling. If it feels foreign or makes you uncomfortable, it’s not a good sign.

Are things fixable, or is it time to move on?

Sometimes people don’t even notice any of these signs that their relationship is not working out. People push any thoughts to the back of their heads. Or simply don’t even know they are there!

Every relationship has its problems. Even the happiest couples will hit a few bumps in the road. But there are some issues that are more like giant summits than small stumbling blocks. 

It hurts when you feel like things have soured in your relationship and it can be difficult to know whether to work it out or call it a day.

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