Signs that your relationship isn’t working

You may be at a crossroads in your relationship. Perhaps you’ve been together for several years and you’ve began to wonder if you are still in love with them. Maybe you’ve began doubting that they are still ‘the one’. Some doubts are normal, especially after a long-term relationship. But here are some signs that your relationship isn’t working anymore.

You can’t decide whether you still have feelings. 

It’s normal for feelings to be questioned occasionally. But if you’re always wondering whether you still love them or not, then that’s a big red flag that something isn’t quite right. Maybe you’re in a temporary rough patch, or maybe this has been ongoing for months – either way, constant questioning isn’t great. And you need to ask yourself why these thoughts keep popping into your head. 

The little things REALLY bug you.

At the start of a relationship, you are usually so consumed by love and emotions that you don’t notice the little annoying things that you partner may do. As time passes in the relationship, it is normal to begin noticing certain habits and attributes that bug you.

However, if you can’t seem to get past these, then that is a sign that your relationship isn’t working and that you are not happy in the relationship.

When talking to them is too much effort.

You don’t feel excited to talk to them about random things you see throughout your day, this relationship is on the fast path to becoming burdensome.

This includes messaging/ texting. If you were big texters at the start of the relationship, but now only message when only completely necessary, then that is something you need to think about changing, if you’re looking for ways to improve you relationship. 

You’d rather spend time by yourself or with friends.

If you’d rather be doing literally anything else than hanging out with your partner, then something is seriously wrong. You should want to spend time with them. And should feel excited too. If this isn’t the case, then this relationship is probably not for you. You shouldn’t be feeling anxious at the thought of having to make conversation. It’s not a first date! Or even third!

You feel noticeably less interested in sex.

People like to say sex isn’t the be-all and end-all in a relationship, but can be a really important and can serve as a good indicator for other problems you might be having. You should be sexually attracted to your partner, and when sex starts feeling like a burden, then something isn’t right.

Of course, after being together a long time, the amount of sex couples have often significantly decreases. But if you NEVER want to be intimate with your partner or find yourself making excuses every single time they initiate it, then you need to think why that is. 

Does their touch make your skin crawl? While this is only one way to determine if that romantic connection is still there in the relationship, your reaction to your partner’s touch says a lot about how you’re feeling. If it feels foreign or makes you uncomfortable, it’s not a good sign.

Are things fixable, or is it time to move on?

Sometimes people don’t even notice any of these signs that their relationship is not working out. People push any thoughts to the back of their heads. Or simply don’t even know they are there!

Every relationship has its problems. Even the happiest couples will hit a few bumps in the road. But there are some issues that are more like giant summits than small stumbling blocks. 

It hurts when you feel like things have soured in your relationship and it can be difficult to know whether to work it out or call it a day.

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