How to Start a Conversation with Confidence.

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Do you suffer from the kind of social anxiety that keeps you from reaching out to new people? Are you always unsure of yourself when initiating contact with a stranger? Would you like to be able to walk up to anyone, anywhere, regardless of the setting, and start a conversation with confidence? Keep on reading our blog post ‘How to start a conversation with confidence’!

Speak more slowly.

Another tip is to pay attention to how fast you talk compared to other. Speaking faster than everyone else can signal nervousness or fear of taking up space in a conversation.

Speaking a little slower gives you more time to formulate your thoughts and signals confidence. And it also gives the other person time to take in what you have said.

Accept your nervousness rather than trying to fight it.

Remind yourself that nervousness is something all humans deal with.

Confident people also feel nervous. It’s just that they still talk to people they want to talk to despite their anxiety. You need to accept that the feeling is there and act anyway. Feeling nervous isn’t dangerous. 

Your Attitude. 

When you want to approach a new conversation with confidence, the key factor that’s going to set you up for success is your attitude. 

Often, when you experience social anxiety (even just a little bit) you approach new or intimidating conversations with a ‘one step forward, two steps back’ mentality. You may put on a brave face even though you are simply terrified of rejection. What you are doing is physically stepping forward, but mentally stepping back. And running for cover!

When you have this mindset, it can really affect your speech, body language, eye contact. Everything. People can pick up on your mixed signals, and they don’t make a good impression. In fact, they can even make people uncomfortable. 

Energetic negativity is obvious to those around you.

Focus on the topic 

Focus on the topic you are talking about to be more authentic and charismatic. Bring your focus back to the conversation when you end up in your head.

You’ll be and seem more present. Your facial expressions become more instant and authentic. You have more ways to continue the conversation!

Be interested in the other person

This is super important. Ask sincere questions and genuinely try to get the person you talk to. This signals that you’re a friendly person. Have you noticed how people seem to come off as more confident when they care about others?!

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